The VCU Clark-Hill Institute for Positive Youth Development enjoys relationships with other research institutions and with community partners in the Greater Richmond area.


The primary objective of the community surveillance system is to describe and monitor youth violence activities of Richmond city residents under age 24 through continuous gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data. The surveillance system is also used to disseminate information to assist policy makers, program planners, and researchers designing prevention programs. The surveillance system relies primarily on secondary data gathered by agencies in the City and available for further research. The community surveillance system currently obtains data from the following sources: VCU Health System’s emergency room; Medical Examiner; Vital Registry; Ambulance service; Richmond Public Schools; and the Department of Juvenile Justice in Richmond.

Analysis of these data is conducted regularly and used to develop fact sheets and maps to educate policy makers, program planners, researchers, and the public. Maps geographically display youth violence activities in the city and present a visual representation of the spatial relationship between violence, neighborhoods and zip codes.