Latina/o Mental Health Outreach

Principal investigator: Rosalie Corona, Ph.D.

This project is led by the Corona research team and involves two cohorts of 25 Latina/o residents (including bilingual VCU students who are members of our student advisory team) who will be trained over the course of two, four-hour days in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). MHFA workshops will be held at the Sacred Heart Center and led by a bilingual, certified MHFA facilitator. The training consists of three modules: mental health problems, first aid for developing mental health problems and first aid for mental health crises. The workshop will consist of large and small group activities that emphasize the skills being taught and the facilitator will ask questions of participants to encourage engagement. Participants will learn how to connect those in need with helpful resources, recognize mental health crises in others and methods to combat stigmatizing attitudes towards mental health. Participants will be provided with a MHFA workbook in Spanish to supplement the information shared by the facilitator. After the training, participants (including bilingual VCU students who are members of our student advisory team) take an MHFA examination; those who successfully pass are certified for three years as a mental health first aider. At the end of the three year period, participants can enroll in another MHFA class to recertify their training.



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