CHI Alumni


Current Position


VCU Advisor

Cathrin Green Stay tuned! 2023 Langberg
Camie Tomlinson Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work and Family Science 2023 McDonald
Arlenis Santana Senior Research Coordinator and Analyst in the Williams lab at VCU 2023 Williams
Stephanie Romo Postdoctoral position at Nemours Center for Healthcare Delivery Science 2023 Corona
Stephanie Violante Postdoctoral position at UCLA 2023 McLeod
Kasey Dye Stay tuned! 2023 Sutherland
Steph Hitti Postdoctoral position at Colorado Children's Hospital 2022 Sullivan
*Katherine Ross Research Scientist for the Search Institute 2022 Sullivan
Deon Brown Postdoctoral position at Texas A&M 2022 Lozada
*Kristen Granger Assistant professor at Vanderbilt University 2022 Sutherland & McLeod
*McKenzie Green Assistant professor at VCU 2022 Lozada
Chloe Walker Program Data Analyst at New Leaders 2022 Williams
Eryn DeLaney Postdoctoral position at UNC Charlotte 2022 Williams
Maria Cisneros-Elias Stay tuned! 2022 Williams
Melissa Washington-Nortey Stay tuned! 2022 Chen
Kelly O’Connor Postdoctoral position at VCU Health’s Injury and Violence Prevention Program 2022 Farrell
Alexandra Merritt Inclusive Innovation Researcher at Digital Promise 2021 Lozada
Toshna Pandey Postdoctoral position at School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia  2021 Sutherland
Jasmine Coleman Postdoctoral position at University of South Alabama   2021 Farrell
Zoe Smith Assistant professor at Loyola University   2020 Langberg
Elzaveta (Liza) Bourchtein Postdoctoral position at University of Michigan  2020 Langberg
Erin Thompson Postdoctoral position at Florida International University   2020 Farrell
Kathryn (Katie) Behrhorst Postdoctoral position at 3-C Family Services  2020 Sullivan
Julia Cox Clinical psychologist at Therapy Lab Kids and assistant project scientist and clinical instructor at UCLA  2019 McLeod
Ruben Martinez  Postdoctoral mental health researcher, clinical instructor, and scientific advisor at UCLA  2019 McLeod
Rachel Kunemund Assistant professor in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia  2019 Sutherland
Shannon McCullough Research associate at WestEd  2019 Sutherland
*Rosanna Breaux Assistant professor at Virginia Tech  2019 Langberg
Sarah Clark Clinical psychologist at the Department of Veteran Affairs  2019 Corona
Ahn-Thuy Le Clinical psychologist at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU  2019 Corona
Megan Carlson Clinical psychologist at the Eating Disorders Center at Children's Mercy Kansas City   2019 Sullivan
David Sosnowski Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 2019 Kliewer
Laura Eddy Assistant professor at Citadel   2018 Langberg
**Hana-May Eadeh PhD candidate at University of Iowa  2018 Langberg
Melissa Dvorsky Director of ADHD & learning differences program at Children’s National and assistant professor at George Washington University  2018 Langberg
Stephen Molitor Assistant professor at Medical College of Wisconsin  2018 Langberg
*Efren Velazquez Assistant professor at University of North Georgia  2018 Corona
Alejandra Morlett-Paredes Postdoctoral position at UCSanDiego  2018 Corona
Kim McKnight Director at Center For Teacher Leadership at VCU  2017 Sutherland
Laura Caccavale Assistant professor of pediatrics at VCU  2017 Corona
Rachel Garthe Assistant professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  2016 Sullivan
Tess Drazdowski Research scientist at Oregon Social Learning Center 2016 Kliewer
Krista Mehari Assistant professor at University of South Alabama   2015 Farrell
Michell Pope Co-founder, CEO, and community liaison/advocate at Research Unlimited  2015 Corona
Sarah Doyle Program & outreach director at Autism Society Central Virginia  2015 Sullivan
*Anna Yaros Clinical psychologist at Research Triangle Institute and director of the mental health, risk, and resilience research program  2014 Farrell
Vivian Rodriguez Clinical psychologist and founder of the Center for Mind+Body Health  2014 Corona
*Elizabeth (Liz) Goncy Assistant professor at Cleveland State University   2013 Farrell
Carla Shaffer Clinical psychologist in private practice and adjunct professor at VCU  2013 Corona
Katherine Taylor Education research analyst at Institute of Education Sciences  2013 Sullivan
Jennifer Reid Director of evaluation, survey and evaluation research laboratory at L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at VCU  2013 Sullivan
Molly Neff Clinical psychologist in private practice   2012 Corona
Raquel Halfond Clinical psychologist in private practice, director of clinical practice guidelines in practice research & policy at the American Psychological Association  2011 Corona
Amie Bettencourt Assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine  2010 Farrell
Adam Iglesias Clinical psychologist in private practice   2010 Corona
Sarah Helms Postdoctoral position at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  2010 Sullivan
Geri Lotze Associate professor in developmental psychology at VCU  2009 Sullivan
Lisa Lumer     Sullivan
* indicates time spent at VCU was in a postdoctorate or faculty fellow position
** indicates time spent at VCU was in a study coordinator position
Table last updated: 5/17/2023