Katrina Markowicz

A photo of Katrina smiling.

Doctoral Student (on internship at Children's Mercy Kansas City)

Home department:
VCU Department of Psychology

Doctoral program:
Clinical Psychology
Concentration: Child/Adolescent

Faculty adviser:
Bryce McLeod, Ph.D.

Katrina Markowicz, M.S., is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student in their 7th year of graduate training and working in Dr. McLeod's lab. Their research interests broadly focus on understanding the delivery of evidence-based interventions in settings that children and adolescents frequent: school and their pediatrician's office. Specific interests include: (a) the development and evaluation of accessible and culturally-sensitive interventions for youth, treatment integrity, (b) measure development and psychometrics, and (c) supervision (or coaching) and training of those that deliver evidence-based interventions to youth. When they are not writing at one of their favorite coffee shops, Katrina is often found practicing aerial circus skills, playing board games with friends, making crafts, and spending time in nature.