Chin-Chih Chen, Ph.D.

Chin-Chih Chen

Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor and Lab Director
(804) 827-1239

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VCU School of Education (Department of Counseling and Special Education)

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Chen's research is situated at the intersection of special education and developmental science. She conducts scientifically rigorous research that informs the prevention of maladaptive development and promotes educational success for at-risk children and youth. Her research goals are to understand the risk and protective factors related to school adjustment for children and youth, to investigate the associated developmental and ecological precursors and consequences, and to use her research to inform evidence-based intervention addressing students’ academic, social and behavioral needs. Building upon a developmental-contextual framework and using corresponding methodological approaches, she works to further research and provide possible avenues for interventions of academic difficulties and social/behavioral maladjustment.